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500+ Companies. Distribution to 8.6 million Potential Investors

Cohen Independent Research Group, Inc. is an Investor Relations firm servicing the investor awareness industry and other institutional clients in other securities markets. Our standard is excellence and quality. 

We distribute customized documents (aka commercial advertisements) from selectively commissioned outside industry analysts who are credentialed in different industry groups.  When the words 'research' and 'report' are used in our reports, websites, disclaimers, distributed Information, documents, programs and commercial products, they mean commercial advertisements, aka report/release/ advertisements. We also distribute other relevant material, create marketing campaigns for corporate products and services, act as consultants and provide customized commercial advertisements for selected clients and institutions.  Some of our documents are non distributed research. 

We seek to expand a company's shareholder database by helping our clients attract new investors. Our purpose is to create long term investor awareness.  We provide customized services to institutions and corporations, including distribution, consulting and product marketing campaigns. 

While our distribution programs are in house, if asked, we will 'quarterback' certain distribution campaigns with other distribution firms, thus expanding a company's total audience.  Quarterbacking is similar to the old selling groups, and secondary offerings. Quarterbacking multiplies third party websites and other means of IR, PR and distribution of a company's story during a given campaign.  We have two websites: www.cohenresearch.com and www.grassrootsrd.com.  

Our commercial advertisement reports are for general information purposes only.  They are intended to help traders, investors and client companies.  All information is not intended to be used as investment advice.  Investors can lose their entire investment.  See our disclaimer.


  1. Stock Reports: 15 pages, (20-25 pages), (30-35 pages), 50 pages, 100 pages, 150 pages - 220+ pages


  1. Expand shareholder base
  2. Create investor awareness
  3. Commercial advertisements helps to find new investors, update current shareholders, provide tools for investing
  4. Long term investment



We reach a network unavailable to most IR, PR and Investment Awareness firms:  millions of retail investors and the majority of of all institutions.

D. Paul Cohen founded the West Coast regional offices of Bear Stearns and Co. and the Institutional offices of CBWL Hayden Stone. He was one of an elite group of securities analysts considered by many to be one of the top 12 securities analysts in the United States.

A Video Message from Paul Cohen

Please access our financial content for your daily stock market use.

*On our website, its disclaimer, and our research reports, when the words 'report', 'research', and 'research report' are used, they mean report/release/advertisements aka commercial advertisements

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